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Bus Transport 
If you are looking to save money whilst travelling, bus transport will play an important part in your DriveWA holiday! DriveWA can help you with valuable information regarding bus travel throughout Perth.

Bus travel is one of the most economical forms of transportation in WA, particularly Perth City!

There is usually one bus terminal in small towns. There may not even be an official terminal; just a drop-off and pick-up point. However, within Perth City, this is not the case. Perth City contains two major terminals (The City Busport and Wellington Street Bus Station). Bus Terminals are conveniently located throughout the remainder of the Perth metropolitan area.

Major city terminals are also usually well equipped with toilets, showers and other facilities.

Local Bus Services
Buses leave regularly from both the City Busport (Mounts Bay Road) and Wellington Street Bus Station. For more information regarding bus routes and timetables, contact Transperth on: 13 62 13. You may also wish to visit their website: www.transperth.wa.gov.au.

The CAT Bus service
There are some excellent free bus services operating within Perth city.
The Yellow Cat Bus service, leaves from Wellington Street Bus Station every 5 minutes from 7am-9am, and every fifteen minutes after 9am till 6pm.
The Blue Cat Bus service travels throughout the suburb of Northbridge (past The Art Gallery and Museum) and through to Perth City (St Georges Terrace). This service is very frequent due to its high usage. A bus should arrive at a stop every 3 to 4 minutes.
The Red Cat travels throughout Perth (Hay Street/Wellington Street) from Wellington Street Bus Station (stop located just outside the station, near the escalators). This service travels to both East Perth (past the Perth Mint) and West Perth (near Outram and Ord Street); passing through Perth City.The service is also rather popular. You should wait no longer than 5 to 6 minutes at a Red Cat stop.
Country Bus Services
There are a variety of bus services that travel from Perth to the country. The DriveWA team recommend McCafferty's. For more information regarding their services, call 13 14 99. Greyhound is also another great bus service that travels throughout the country/rural regions of WA. Contact them on 13 20 30.
For more information regarding country bus services, contact the East Perth Bus Terminal (also a local Train Station), on (08) 9326 2600.
Bus Passes
Greyhound and McCafferty's passes can be used on either bus service. There are discounts for pensioners, children, and students with valid student concession cards (University/Secondary passes that contain the approved Transperth sticker). Members of the YHA, VIP, Nomads, and other approved organisations will also receive a discount.
Aussie Kilometre Roamer Pass
This pass ensures that you have a set distance of travel from 2000km, rising in increments of 1000km to a maximum of 20,000 km. You can travel in any direction you like and stop as many times as you like.
You need to phone at least a day ahead to reserve a seat. Please keep in mind that side trips [detours] or tours may be calculated at double the actual kilometre distance to get you there and back.
Aussie Day Pass
With this pass you are limited by days of travel rather than by distance, so it is not much good for short hops. Passes for seven, to 10 and 15 days of travel are valid for 30 days. A 2l day pass is valid for 60 days.
Aussie Explorer Pass
This type of pass is a popular option. It gives you two to 12 months to cover a set route. There are 17 in all, and the validity period depends on distance. You wont have the “go-anywhere” flexibility of the Kilometre Roamer Pass (no backtracking); but if you can find a route that suits you, it generally works out cheaper.
The Travel Australia Pass
This is the McCafferty's version of the Aussie Explorer Pass. It has seven set routes and is valid for 3 to 12 months.

Train Transport
Many great DriveWA escapes involve some train travel. It may just be around Perth, to Kalgoorlie, or perhaps a Hotham Valley train special event. They are not always the fastest method of travel, and certainly not the cheapest, however they are great fun. They can also split up the journey if you plan to drive throughout!
There are some discounted tickets available but they need to be booked well in advance. Students get substantial discounts, as do pensioners.
One of the all time great DriveWA adventures would involve:

1.  Driving from wherever you are to Adelaide
2.  Putting the car on the train and going to the other end of the new Ghan route
3.  Driving from there, through the Northwest, down to the Ningaloo Reef at Exmouth
4.  Driving to Perth, and then on to the Southwest and the wine country,
5.  Next stop Esperance and the great beaches
6.  Then on to Kalgoorlie and the outback goldfields and
7.  Finally put the car on the train back to Adelaide (it could be done in reverse from Darwin, or reverse the above trip – Perth to Adelaide and back 

Meals are included in the Gold Kangaroo fare only, as well as a lounge compartment with piano. Other passengers can purchase meals from the restaurant car. The train is a great way to travel around Australia.

Perth Metro Transport
Getting around Perth via a train is convenient and easy. All trains leave from Perth Train Station (located on Wellington Street). There are five train lines that service particular areas: 

-  Clarkson Line (passing through Leederville, Whitfords and Joondalup)
-  Armadale Line (passing though Oat Street - you can transfer from here onto a circle route bus and travel steadily throughout Perth!!)
-  Fremantle Line (passes through West Leederville, City West, Subiaco, Claremont, Cottesloe and Fremantle)
-  Midland Line (passes through East Perth, My Lawley and Bayswater)
-  Mandurah Line (passes through Canning Bridge, Kwinana and Rockingham)

Train fare varies. Students, children and pensioners receive a discounted fare; whilst adults pay full fare. A senior, health care or student card must be carried at all times, alongside a valid ticket! They are frequently checked by train station guards, both on trains and upon departure.

For more information regarding Transperth train services, contact Transperth on: 13 62 13. 

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